memogadget was responsible for the development of the HIQI App that offers you numerous advantages, check out:

  • Fuel spply at the best prices
  • No membership or annual fees
  • Quality fuel always close to you
  • Pay with the app without leaving your car

The HIQI APP offers many advantages such as those listed below and whose operation can be seen in the images above. These images reproduce some of the operating phases of the App.

So, the HIQI APP is:

a) An application capable of automatically communicating with the gas pumps and automatically opening the dispenser.

b) An application capable of managing balances and payments by Mbway, VISA, Reference MB and Bank Transfer.

c) An application capable of managing current accounts and listing invoices for payment.

d) An application capable of communicating with different SMS sending systems and capable of recognizing responses to SMS.

e) An intelligent application capable of managing the responses sent by users with automated management by the Help desk.

f) A multitasking application (Callcenter, POS and End Customer Application).

g) An application equipped with technology capable of continuing to work when 90% of the systems are offline.

h) An application integrated with google maps and Waze to help navigate to the gas station.

i) IOS and Android versions.

j) An application capable of identifying the proximity of the mobile device to the fuel pum.

If you want a similar solution, talk to us, we will develop it!

If you want a similar solution, talk to us, we will develop it!

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